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Are you a licensed drone operator?

Yes – I have a full Civil Aviation Authority license which I send over upon agreement of work.

Are you insured?

Yes – I have a full Civil Aviation Authority license which I send over upon agreement of work.

Where is your drone restricted?

There are many different restriction zones around the UK but before any quotation is sent over, we carry out an online site.

Can you carry out normal videography as well as aerial?

Yes – This is a service we offer, and you can check out a pervious video we carried out on the ‘portfolio’ page that includes ground footage.

Do you offer video editing as a service?

Yes – All of the footage we capture can be professionally edited in-house

How high can your drone fly?

The drone can fly up to 120 metres (400ft) before being limited by the geofencing software as at this point you enter controlled airspace that is used by much bigger aircrafts.

Can you fly in the rain, cold or strong winds?

Yes – The drone is capable of flying in conditions with a maximum of 24mph wind speeds, temperatures down to 0º and a light drizzle of rain.

How long can the drone fly for?

The drones maximum flight time with no wind is 31 minutes. On the day of filming, we have many spare batteries that can be recharged to maximise the amount of footage we can capture.

Can I see what is being filmed?

Yes – The controller that the pilot uses to controls the drone has a large screen that will constantly be live relaying the footage. As well as this the footage will be saved to the controller so can be re-shown to any clients on the day, so they get a feel for the final result.

What is your drone speed and range?

The drone can achieve in flight speeds of up to 48mph when in the ‘sport’ mode which is great for filming boats, cars etc. The drone has the potential to fly for miles, however my CAA license only allows me to fly the drone 500 metres away whilst maintaining a visual line of sight on the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) at all times.

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