Drone Roof Inspections
Drone Roof Inspections - CAA Approved


Roof Inspections by Drone

I want to help clients take advantage of the innovative technology drones are bringing to the market and there is nowhere more evident of this than being able to carry out drone roof inspections with ease.

If a property was to have a structural defect or leak 10 years ago then unfortunately the only choice when it comes to detecting it was to rent out expensive scaffolding and employ a tradesman to come out and identify the problem area.

This is no longer the case, my fleet of drones can fly over a roof or building with ease at close distances due to the many sensors on the body of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Once the drone is above the defective region of the building, using the large screen that the footage is relayed to I can show the client where the leak or problem is.

As well as this, once the inspection has been carried out and the client is happy, I will go away to edit the footage / photos and then transfer them over on the same day.

Having a background in construction industry I am also more knowledgeable than other drone operators when it comes to identifying problems with a building and any other defects or leaks.

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